Greenrace training!

Today is my day off as the river was turning on late in the day, and I am feeling a bit tired after 4 days of figuring out a new river. It is going well, though tomorrow is going to be my first day trying it in a long boat. There are two categories: a short boat class (normal creekboat length) and a long boat class (almost 4 meters long..), and with the rapids being low volume and technical it is probably gonna be a little bit challenging to figure it all out before the race on Saturday.

But, the main lines are going sweet, now I just need to piece them all together with the smaller rapids, where you actually lose a lot of time if you start hitting the rocks that seem to be everywhere.

I will have three more days of training, then a day off before the race on Saturday. Fun times!


Check out a couple of my lines off one of the bigger drops “Gorilla”:





See ya´ll out there!