Mexico sweetness!

Oh mine, I knew I would love Mexico. Warm weather, friendlly people, amazing food, and great whitewater!

Teaming up with kiwi brothers James and Mike Dawson, all-time good friend Benjamin Hjort and germans Anne Hubner and Seppi Strohmeier, and Piahmin (Little German), we were set for a great 12 days in the country. Our sweet little rental car brought us safely from Mexico City to the hopping town of Tlapacoyan, and I am way impressed by Rallydriver James and his handling of speedbumps with the lowest car ever! We even managed to fit 7 boats on the roof one day, with 7 people inside it, without roofracks. That is what I call professionals, ha ha!



Raffa Ortiz finally got some days off from school, and came out to play. Going down the Upper (upper?) Alseseca we were in pure heaven, the boys let me run the put-in drop first, and after seeing me landing almost upside down they all decided it was a go. Going downstream there was a famous moment where I was third in line behind Raffa, we approach a horizon line that looks like one of those annoying slot-drops that usually works you, and he peels into the microeddy at the lip and shouts to Mike and myself as we charge by: “Middle! Big hole”. Well, there was no choice, so I went for the ” I am sure there is a big hole down there and I need to boof the crap out of it in the middle.” It kind of worked, and I was giggling as I saw the 9 others dropping into it with big eyes as well, and Raffa coming down last with a cheeky grin on his face. Right. I can not wait for Raffa to come to Norway, there will be some fun blind ones to run as well..


The Alsaseca was amazing, and I love the rapid “Meatlocker” to bits. Just simply so much fun! I found myself staring in awe at the 42 meter Big Banasas waterfall at the put-in, and as most other kayakers, I felt the urge to go and take a closer look. it just looks sooo swweeeeet… But. I need some few more training waterfalls before even thinking about anything of that height. Huge respect to Aniol Serrasoles and Raffa Ortiz for firing that shit up.



We knocked off most sections on the Alseseca, and despite the water quality, it is such an amazing river. And even on the day off, when we floated down the Filo-Bobos, we stopped half way down the river, walked two minutes and found ourselves in a well preserved Mayan city archelogical site. Seeing I have been in school for South-American history the past semester, I could not believe our luck. We were walking around battling the sandflies that put 105 bites onto Benjamins right leg, and 85 onto my left leg, and 90 onto MIkes right leg, and could feel the awe from those past civilazations. When we later stopped by the really well preserved site of Tajin, one of Mexicos ancient Aztec cities,  i was dumbfounded by the size of the buildings, temples, ball court-yards and plazas.. Imagine being a flock of 200 conquistadores entering those civilazations in 1519, woah..


A two day stint to the coast to enjoy some beachtime saw us hungry for some waterfalling, and the San Pedro waterfall and Tomatas did not dissapoint us. We had high water, making it supersweet on Tomata 1, eventhough Benjamin got rid of his old nickname “No-boff Benji” once and for all, landing dead flat off the number 1. His back was ok though, and he took a little fishy swim to shore and collected his gear with a big smile as normal. Puh. I went first and stuck the line, supernice landing and only had to handpaddle a few meters to get my paddle back. Mike D, eventhough being the bad ass he is, decided he needed some more practice runs off Maruia Falls in Kiwiland before firing up Tomata 1. But of course, Tomata 2 looked a lot better to him, being the slalompaddler he is, and he almost decided to run it at high water. i am kind of glad he didn´t, as it was rowdy as hell. Pluss he was using my paddle, he he. Next year!


Oh, I was sad upon leaving Mexico, but I head out to Chile tomorrow, so I am still happy. I love South America. Especially in the european winter….