After a great, snowy winter practising my sking in Switzerland, getting a little bit of a break from the kayaking, I headed to the Caribbean two weeks ago. I love the contrasts of my life!

I am lucky enough to work for and the school Høgskolen i Finnmark each spring and fall sememster, teaching kyaking and spanish to norwegian students in the Dominican Republic. Kayaking is only one of the activities they get to try out, there is also surfing, swimming, kiting etc, along with an important amount of community work.

It is really a great experience, which gathers a fine group of people every semester.




It seems like 3-4 students pick up the kayaking very quickly every semester, and it is so nice to be able to introduce more people to this amazing sport. We do two pool-sessions, then one day on the river, and one day in the ocean. In addition, I will throw in some extra roll practises here and there if the students are keen.

When not out in the water with the students, I have been able to go surfing in Playa Encuentro, one of the best surfspots to learn this art form! I have made the step onto the smaller boards, and can even stand up for a few seconds now. 🙂 I have a great deal of respect for the ocean already, stemming from a lot of surfkayaking, but it is great to experience a new way of playing with the elements.

In addition, I have enjoyed yoga classes in the evenings. This is actually my first time getting proper yoga lessons, and it definitely makes a lot of difference, and I am able to balance poses I never thought I could two weeks ago. 

Both activities have been very fulfilling, as I have watched many sunrises from my surfboard and many sunsets from the lofty rooftop while practising new poses. Both have given me peace of mind and a strong sense of simply being in the moment, appreciating my life, my friends, my surroundings and myself.



I now feel re-vitalized and ready for adventures in Patagonia, starting next week.. Can not wait to paddle, see new rivers, and enjoy the Chilean wilderness once more.. And we have an adventure or two up our sleeves as well.