From one season to the next..

As the leaves were dropping to the ground it was time to leave Chile behind for another summer season in Norway. It was a spectacular trip to Patagonia this year, with the leaves turning red and yellow in time with the summer´s passing. There was tranquility and quiet as the fall was descending, and I was very much at peace paddling my favorite river in the world for many weeks with the best man in the world. Ron and I got to hang out at Soria Moria, (my cabin on the shores of the Futaleufu) and paddle its waters as much as we wanted, along with long coffe hours in the mornings, studying and work around the property and house.




I simply love the Futaleufu, the valley, the river, the people and its magic that seems to touch everybody that travels through. Many of us simply stopped, picked up a piece of property and keep returning. Amazingness.





Heading north to catch the plane I stopped in Pucon for a little visit to my good friends Eva Luna and Kurt Casey. For once the town at the foot of the volcanoe Villarrica was sleepy and empty, and I enjoyed the off-season Pucon a lot more than the normal tourist trap it turns into in the summer. Rodrigo Tuschner from Kayak Pucon and Ian Garcia from Rivers and Lakes suggested we should go and paddle the middle Fuy, a beautiful river to the south of Pucon. The middle section contains some tight rapids and a highligt of a clean 13-15 meter waterfall. I was excited to get on this section, as I had never done it before, but heard lots of stories.

A sunny Saturday with 25 degrees we were in our kayaks and an hour after put-in I was faced with the seal launch on top of the waterfall. Somehow, I had failed to grasp that there was a 6 meter fall required, into the pool below, before we even got to paddle off the lip of the waterfall… I was smiling all the way down the freefall, and rolled up in the pool with a big woop-woop! Ian styled the line, so did of course Rodrigo, while Federico had to bail and go for a little swim upon impact.Then, the real fun started. Amazing rapids, tailing Ian and lots of white fluffiness took us all the way down to take-out. I left Chile with lots of happiness inside.. 



Back in Norway I have been studying hard for my pshycology exams. I am currently majoring in history, but decided to make a little break from the medieval books and plunge into the exciting world of physycology on the side. Finishing up my last exam last monday, I was excited to finally get back on the rivers. The classic Myrkdalselvi was running at full speed, and I met up with Mark Basso only hours after my exam to get a run in, with the descent of the drop Holy Diver as the big highlight.

I have moved back to Voss, to finish up my degrees, and will stay for about two years. Tomorrow I move into a little house at the take-out of one of the best stretches to paddle on the beautiful Raundalselvi, and Ron arrives in the middle of june with the car full of belongings from Switzerland. Although travelling and kayaking like before, we are getting a base for ourselves in Voss for a little while, to be in a beautiful place, paraglide, ski and kayak year long. I work as a teacher once in a while in Voss, both in the junior high school and senior high school. Quite funny to be in the real world once in a while…

Soria Moria Adventures is running small and steady, with some courses here and there and a great trip with clients to Switzerland two weeks back. In July the lodge will be open for Bed and Breakfast, so make sure you check out