To be honest, I did not expect it to take this long. 4.5 months after my original injury the doctors found that I have also partially ruptured the infraspinatus tendon. Today I go to see a shoulder specialist in Larvik to determine if another surgery is needed. I am in so much awe and have so much respect for those who have suffered far more serious injuries than me, yet still have kept the spirit high. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same.


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In the process of healing, I managed to accomplish some other goals. In december I had my Vita, defending my master thesis on medieval history at the Univeristy of Bergen. It was the fullfillment of a work that has taken 2.5 years of research. The result makes me proud: I am asked to write articles in international historical journals to publish the results. To say the least, I am very honored. I am also very thankful for the check-in staff at various airports that never weighed my hand-luggage the past years, as I was constantly carrying heavy books while roaming the world in search of whitewater!

I  accepted a position as a teacher at the Senior Highschool of Voss, the whitewater capital of Norway. I teach till the spring term is over, then I am free again. It is a new challenge I thoroughly enjoy while longing for the whitewater adventures. The past six months have only confirmed what I always knew: I love kayaking to the fullest. It is what makes me feel the most alive and what makes me the most happy. I can not live without it. Simple. As. That.


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I missed the WWGP for the second time in a row this past december. Needless to say, I was very bummed to not be apart. Mainly because it was in Chile, my second home, on all the rivers I love, and also because I missed an opportunity to race other girls. Good girls. I truly love competitions as I love the thrill, the rush of adrenaline as they say “Go!” and trying to hit clean lines while racing the clock. Priceless.

The last time I raced a fast woman was on the Green in 2010, but with both feet stuck under my footbraces approaching the rapid Gorilla I had to eddy out during the race. Stupidly enough I did in the heat of the moment run Gorilla with both feet straight and trapped in the Liquid Logic Stinger. After barely escaping the Monkey I called it quits and paddled into the eddy below to get some help. I was gutted I could not give Green Queen Adrienne Levknecht more competition in the end. At least I got my lines down for Green 2013. And I am hungry for revenge. Lesson learned: Do not get your feet stuck under the bulk-head while racing! Or ever…


I also did some skiing with my man after he made it back from his Nepal adventure in the fall. Though, we are facing one of those years up here in Voss. No snow, loads of ice. I miss Switzerland a lot, and more than Ron I believe! We will go back there soon enough, I just need to finish up the last part of my education, and we are back in the land of Holdrio, pow-pow, croissants and big mountains.

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Today is my day: Surgery or no surgery. If I have the green light, there is no stopping me now. 2013 will be the best year ever. In all ways. There is Russia. Northern Norway. Slalom. Freestyle. Horgi Ned Redemption-run. ( I will walk ALL jumps this time). There is simply no way I am looking back. Only forward.

Thank you to my sponsors for sticking with me through troubled times!

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See you on the water soon!


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