#6 – The inevitable process of change

There are many ways of wandering through life. Many are perfectly content in their life, and more importantly, with themselves. To talk about change or personal growth is therefore not something that reaches the masses – but it might reach just the right person nevertheless.

There is however one point to advocate, even to those that do not see a need of change within. The fact is that we all change. Within the passing of years there are inevitable processes of which shape and form us – and mostly it is due to the direct surroundings. Whoever and whatever we surround ourselves with will over time leave imprints on a person.As much as the apple falls to the ground every time, social psychology has gotten this far in establishing an absolute truth.

This insight leads to a question that has haunted me from an early teenage stage, but it is also a question I have liked to ignore for long periods of time.


Would you not like to take charge of who you are and to actively shape who you want to become?