Slalom training in Augsburg

The past week I have been focusing on studying and training slalom in the Olympic course in Augsburg, Germany. Slalomtraining is ideal to improve your technique and fitness, so I have teamed up with Arnd Schaeftlein and his friend Jakobus to get some real german structure into my paddling..  It is challenging of course, but also very exciting as I am improving every day.

Needless to say, the upstream gates are a challenge, and it is fascinating to watch the real good paddlers gracefully make their boats turn on a dime, never loosing focus on the next gate. One day I will get there as well!

This weekend is the german team-trials here in Augsburg, so there are many good people training on the course. Once in a while a freestyler plays in the Washing maschine as well, but honestly, I am having more fun in my slalomboat than getting trashed in the hole. In the end it is all good fun though, and I like that there are more than me that switch between the freestyle and slalom.

Yesterday was the warmest day of the season so far for me, with 25 degrees and a real german BBQ at the whitewater stadium. The sessions were followed by a photoshoot with Jens Klatt on a nearby lake, and good times with trying a stand up board for the first time. I don´t think it will ever be my main hobby, but it sure was entertaining.

Thanks to the Norwegian Paddling Federation which is supporting my slalomtraining, and also Sandline who is sponsoring me with slalom gear!