European springmissions..

The last two weeks have been busy like never before… 2.5 weeks ago I went on a scouting mission to Northern Norway, combined with buying a property 12 kms north of the arctic circle.. what a misson! 2500 kms driven in one weekend, with my das as company and private driver… We (!) found some amazing whitewater, and wit the thumbs up from my dad to buy the property I can now pride myself with owning a piece of land where I can watch the midnight sun never leave the sky….

I headed out for my first slalomcompetition of the season, held in L´Argentiere in France, last weekend. After a rather shaky first day on the course, I managed to pull of a 12th on the sunday in the world cup ranking series. Puh! The more I sit in my slalomboat, the more I realize I need to do it more.. but goals are there to be achieved, so it is all good…

After a hectic weekend I went with Arnd Schaeftlein to Italy, and visited Francesco Salvati. With Raphael Thiebeaut we got on the Germanasca and Francescos local creek just behind his house. This has a great slide/waterfall on it, and I was all stoked until I landed in the pool at the bottom, pitoning a rock underwater. Ouch! No wonder the rest of the boys went for the big boof instead of the melt-down… And it was a female First descent, according to Francesco, so I guess I put another one on the list. Great! The Germanasca was a beautiful, fun class four river, with enough action to keep us all entertained, both paddlers and photographer.

It is now time to head back to the slalom scene in Bourg St-Maurice, then off to the World Cup in Freestyle, followed by a week in Iceland, then onwards to two Worldcups in Slalom, Extremesportweek in Voss, then First descent missons/multidaymissons in northern-Norway… and then, I might sneak in a week of totally relaxation at my parents farm in the Sjoa.. puh!


Hope to see you on the water!