#7 – The step of admitting

I believe that to obtain profound change in the self, to the better, it will always hurt in one way or the other. The first step one has to realise is that change is happening no matter what. Nobody walks unchanged through life. The second step is to understand that taking control of your personal change throughout your lifetime is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding processes you can ever embark on.

It gives meaning to life.

Many people like to write down what it is about themselves that they do not like. What is there in ones personality that can change to the better? Now to answer this question one first has to think about the intentions for changing. Do you want to change so that you fit in better with your direct surroundings?

If you go to a school where getting straight A´s is what is giving a person social status, does that mean that you should conform? If running big waterfalls in your kayak is what makes people click like on your Facebook wall, is that what should make you happy?

You might realise where I am going with this, and it is for one obvious reason I stress this point. To conform to your direct surroundings is not necessarily how you ought to change. You need to go deeper. Are you able to let go of grudges? Do you take care of the people around you? Do you truthfully support successful friends? Can you admit mistakes and ask forgiveness?


Change has to hurt.