# 11

The british author and philosper Aldous Huxley once said: Experience is not what happens to a man: it is what man does with what happens to him. I do not agree with this view. The reason is that if one agrees to such a thinking, it implies that a concept like fate exists. I strongly believe that there is no such thing as fate, but that each individual must take control over life and the path which to follow. In such a view, experience is what man does with what he himself takes control over, such as life itself.


However, even believing in this, living by my own words is the hardest task I have ever encountered.

# 9 – I see you

I see you, like I see the wind walk silently through the forest.

I see you, like I see the tree bow to the fallen branch behind my house.

I see you, like I see the morning kiss the blushing peak from my window.

I see. Do you?



# 8- A glimpse of happiness



Moments of happiness are there to be seized. Yesterday mine appeared as I sat waiting above a fifteen meters high waterfall. All alone in the eddy I was surrounded by the sound of the river flowing through the canyon, with the water echoing throughout the polished walls. Mine was a glorious moment of perfect happiness – a realisation that I was happy to be just there, exactly there. I was mesmerized by the currents swirling endlessly toward the lip of the waterfall, and upon hearing the whistle from the guys at the bottom of the falls I paddled out and fell into moments of perfectness.